BBS 2014 Dates The Fallout
Are You Ready For 2014 
Well, where do we start, the whole of UK BMX has been eagerly awaiting the 2014 seasons venues and dates. These dates have been officially announced yesterday, and within minutes of the dates being declared social media sites were buzzing with talk and negative comments about the venues.
The way the nationals are run in the UK, its mainly down to the host club to foot the large bill of running and putting on these events , so with this in mind you can understand why so few clubs dont come forward to host a national event in the UK . The majority of clubs are simply priced out of hosting the event at the first hurdle. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of venues on the BBS national calendar in 2014. While we are about venues we feel the tracks are some of the most technical in the UK, surely the top riders in the country need to be racing on the best and most technical tracks the UK can offer them. The top riders in the UK need to push their skills at national level so they can be more competitive on the European and World stage.

Looking at the schedule i feel its a lot fairer than some i have seen in recent years , yes we have two nationals at the indoor in Manchester( North) so thats  good for us up here , the riders in the south maybe not so fair. But with the Cyclopark in Kent (South) also gets two visits on the BBS tour in 2014 so over all it's a good balance for a large percentage of UK riders, but both venues are a major pain for riders in the south west of the UK . With the BBS growing bigger and bigger year on year, it also seems that some of the venues on the logistics front just can't cope with holding a round of the BBS.  On the logistic front, you need a venue that can happily look after a thousand plus riders, spectatorsand camping facilities sadly venues like this are few and far between here in the UK. Even some of the venues that are hosting a round of the BBS are not ideal, but the BCF have to justify the cost.

I have read on social media sites that some people are saying that the BBS is dead etc etc and some are even going to race more euro rounds instead of supporting the BBS , well in our opinion if thats what some rider are going to do then thats not helping BMX in the UK, in fact your helping the sport we love die by not supporting the BBS . Nevertheless, with two rounds to be confirmed I suggest riders dont write off the BBS just yet, wait and see where the two TBC rounds are first the past judgement.

So in summary of the BBS dates :
1. Clubs are priced out of hosting a round of the BBS

2. Logistics simply rule out some other clubs

3.Not all of the rounds have been announced

4. And most important is get INVOLVED in your local club and support them. So maybe they can bid for around of the BBS in the future.

5. GET training as March is not that far away NOW .... BRING ON 2014 and ride with a smile and enjoy your BMX



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