Crit Plate
Crit Plate was started way back in the realms of history in 1978 by a young man by the name of Mike Rodrigues who stumbled across BMX racing when on a family outing . For short period in CRIT PLATES history they where know as RAD Plates but Mike changed the name from RAD Plates to CRIT plates when it was pointed out it may have some potential legal issues with the Johar Mfg who where the manufacturers of the famous RAD Pads. The Crit name came from a Robinson advert which featured both his BMX hero's at the time Scott Clarke and Bobby Woods, the advert had the tagline "GETTING CRIT". The rest as they say is history.

Crit Plate
Andrew reppin the Awesome Fastlane/Supercross Crit Plate on his race bike
When Mike started out making his own Crit Plates he was a massive fan of the Godfather of BMX Plates Mr Bob Haro , so out of respect Mike set out doing something different to what Bob was producing, and that is why we have the iconic Crit Plate shape that we have today. Over the years Crit plates have supplied just about every top team and rider, you can name we could list them but we would not have the space to name them all. 
Crit Plates
Some of Crit Plates custom designs
Mike Studied Computer Graphics at Rhode Isand School of Design, so he know's a thing or two about design and that shows in Crit Plates design and quality of the finished Plate. When where looking for team plates we looked at several custom plates designers and i can safely say nothing we looked at matched up to what Crit Plate could offer, they are simple the best in the business......FACT. We simple told Mike our requirements for the plates and and supplied him with our sponsors logo and left Mike to weave his magic , the result is one AWESOME race plate. One thing i must make perfectly clear is all of Crit Plates are MADE by Mike himself, Crit Plates are not mass produced in a factory half way around the world. So if you place an order with Crit Plate please be PATIENT as Mike can get very busy at times and his order books can be very very full. But in my opinion it is worth the wait as your not just getting a race plate your getting a work of art that has been lovingly craft with a human touch. are very proud and honoured to be part of the Crit Plate family and we hope to be part of the Crit Plate Family for many more seasons to come.
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