Meet Joey Gough
Joey in High Flying mode

Who is Joey Gough ?

A 32 year old Clinical Coder Monday to Friday and a BMXer on the weekends. A little past it on the racing front, but loving BMX more than ever!

Where do you live ?

Norwich, Norfolk

What type of riding do you prefer ?

I like a mixture of trails, racing and just sessioning tracks for the fun of it. I can claim I enjoy any of these the most depending on the moment you ask me!

What bike(s) do you own/ride ?

Identiti Krisis BMX, Identiti Krisis 4X bike, a Deluxe BMX for trails and a pink 80's peugeot single speed road bike that I mainly use to get to work on, but I do take it for a spin in the summer sometimes.

Fav place to ride ?

Got to be the south of France for tracks as you can't beat the weather and the scenery, or the trails I rode in New York last October as I had an amazing time out there. Other than that I like to go somewhere new and love a track that's good to session.

What were your feelings when you crossed the finish line at the worlds in Birmingham ?

Relief I think. I'd kinda decided on the gate that I could win it and that's what I was going to go for, so when I crossed the line I was relieved I'd done it! I'd never won an international title before and I've been racing since I was small, so it was a good feeling.


Meet Joey Gough
Lil Miss versatile , Give Joey a bike and she will ride it anywhere....Track or Trails

What motivates you to keep riding ?

I don't need to look for motivation, BMX is in my blood! I maybe past my best on the going fast side of things but I still feel like I am improving my skills as a rider all the time. I love it the feeling  of jumping a new big line at some trails, nailing a tough rhythm section on a track or pulling smooth jump to manual. As a kid I always wanted to jump the biggest jump on the track even though there was no chance I would be able to do it in racing, but it made me smile.... and I'm still the same now!

Best and worst moments about racing ?

Best moments... nearly winning the 4X World Cup in Fort William after just coming back to racing, and of course winning the Worlds last year with my friends and family there to share it. 

Worst ? at the moment it feels like crashing at Fort William last year as I my shoulder is still suffering from that.

What improvements would you like to see in BMX ?

I think it's improving all the time, i've seen it come so far already from the lull of the 90's. But I'd like to see  Elite racing continue to be showcased at the nationals, I really liked Manchester where I got to sit and watch all the elite racing without worrying about my own racing at the same time. Judging by the crowds, others enjoyed it too! I think the sport is getting to a place where that can work now.  Other than that I'd love it if someone managed to pull off a big one off race that was a mix of old and new school track design... slightly downhill (but not so fast that you can't pass) loose and wide dirt turns, rhythm sections that would be rode differently depending on the line you took out of the turn a bit like AMA SX ....if you know what I mean. You probably don't but I know what it looks like in my head! Don't get me wrong, I love modern day BMX/SX but I think something different would be cool too.

Main influences ?

My brother Martyn as he got me into BMX in the first place. Brian Foster, because he is BMX, end of. Finally, everyone I ride with, as it's the riding with old friends and new that provide the biggest smiles and that's what it's all about.

Meet joey Gough
Joey Gough "Fast Bas***d" on any bike

Fav ..Food, Drink and Film ?

Wagamamas, OJ and ....I can't narrow it down to one film! I think my favourite films are Semi Pro, Step Brothers, Hot Rod, The Wedding Singer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko & Little Miss Sunshine.

When did you start racing and where ?

I started BMX in 1984 it must have been, at Pontins in Hemsby. It was a dirt track and all the jumps where wooden.

Where do you see Joey Gough in 10 yrs time ?

Still riding for sure, but I hope to be passing on my some of my knowledge and experience to the new generation, as I am in the process of doing the coaching qualifications at the moment. I often think it'd be cool to run a team of my own one day in the future maybe too, when I don't race so much myself. Who knows?!

Disc or NO Disc's on BMX ?

No discs... you don't need that much braking power in BMX. They're more hassle for no advantage that I can see.

4x or BMX ?

Well I've had some great fun and experiences racing 4X. I've loved it because it's different , pushed my comfort zones, made me a better rider, taken me some amazing places and in the past it was more professional at World level. When I returned to racing in 2011 4X got me back into it, as it's really fun and chilled at national level. But the little bike is where my heart lies and I am really enjoying the tough competition at BMX nationals, the racing is great in Championship Women now and that's what I enjoy about it, the close racing. It's awesome to see so many girls racing across all the age groups these days, when I was a kid there's was only 3 or 4 for every double age group, I always longed for it to be like this. For those who think 4X is just BMX on big bikes though, go and race one of the proper 4X tracks like Afan or Fort Bill, you'll soon realise how different skills come into play such as riding loose corners and line choice. You'll learn something for sure!

Many thanks to Joey for giving up her time for this article. We wish Joey all the best for 2013 .


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