Mid August was the Canadian National Championship held near Quebec City and 5 members of Intense/Fly National Team where in attendance!! Canada is a big country and our riders are spread around the territory witch makes it’s hard to have all of them together at the same events, but this one is a classic and the team got the chance to spend some good time!!


In the Elite class, Michael Beaudoin, Quebec and Amelia Walsh, Ontario as well as defending champion, #94 Jim Brown from Alberta  were there. In Junior men, Corey Walsh from Ontario was ready to rock as well! Finally our latest addition and rising star, 9X, James Hedgcock, Ontario who was living the Factory Team experience for the first time and was in the house to defend his 2010 title!! 15X, Kyle Murphy, BC and last year gold medalist in both Class and Cruiser unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the event.

Allright let start the action with the Pro class!! Our Elite rider Jim Brown was more then ready for this race, had tons of high level racing behind him from his 2011 season and was defending his 2010 title! The time trial was an official event this year and Jim got a nice second place! Jim had a new rival for this season as his friend Tory Nyhaug was moving up to the Elite Class … Jim performed at is very best and showed very solid runs by beating the young and fast Connor McCormack in each lap and got a perfect for the day in his motos. In the main event after a great start, he had no choice but to fallow his teammate of the National Team Tory, for the 2nd place, congrats!

As for Michael Beaudoin, Elite Men, he was performing in front of his home crowd and work hard all year long in order to be prepared for this race. He handled the local pressure very well and came with no expectation but to have fun! Mick started the week-end by a solid and surprising performance in Time Trial by leading the pack till the final 3 riders, witch was the entire Team Canada ; Connor, Jim and Tory. He had to give his spot on the “hot seat’’ to these guys, but took a nice 4th place among some of the best Canadian racers! His bright performance of friday night, gave Mike even more confidence for Saturday’s race. Mick got 2nd in most of his motos and choose an outside lane in the main hoping for less traffic, but it played a bit against him. He tried a move on Patridge in the second berm, but it slowed his entire speed for the pro section, and ended up crossing the finish line in 6th place!

Amelia Walsh, Elite Women, had a very good lap in Time Trial on Friday and she was in the “hot seat” until the last rider showed up at the gate … and she ended the day with a nice 2nd place! Race day, Mel was jumping most of the jumps on the track and had good FSP. She fought hard all day in motos with Millman and Martin both from out west and despite a good crash in her second moto she was ready for the main. In the final, she had her best start of the day and was fighting for 1st place, but her front wheel gave up on her … and disaster struck, she crash, she still managed to get up and catch up to a few riders for a 5th place, she’ll be back!

It was Corey Walsh first year as a Junior Men. Corey is one of the most technical rider we have work with in years, both in race or street … He started the week-end well by taking the Time trial title in Junior Men, good job! After winning two motos he was ready to repeat his Friday night performance. This track was hard to catch up while Corey is a specialist of big jumps and swoops, but still needs to work on his FSP. In the main he banged a few bars in the first straight and couldn’t take the lead, but he still managed to take 3rd place and stand on the podium, Congrats! Corey his planning some Supercross Races in the near future and he’ll be one to watch as his jumping skills are amazing!!

We kept the best for the end …!! Our newbie is one of a kind, sometimes you’re not sure about your pick, but there is no doubt about this one!! James Hedgcock, 9X is one name to remember! He started by dominating his class in provincial racing, then in Eastern Canada, shortly after it was across the country and now the ‘‘Beast’’ is boosting great results in all the majors Nationals in the US! James was in Quebec City to show that his 2010 title was no fluke and went on to destroy his competition by jumping every single jump on the track and perfected the day, even wining some race by a full straight. He remains the National Champion for 2011!! CONGRATS!

It was a very good week-end for the team and our professional photographer got tons of new shots of each riders!! We are very proud of our crew and can’t wait to get together for the next big races in Canada and abroad!

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